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Thread: Authentic lettering for top of page

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    Authentic lettering for top of page

    Hey Bob Sande. I totally dig the background on the pages. How hard is it to copy the lettering used on our decal and flatten it out enough to use it across the top of the page maybe with the little Mt Diablo squiggle set between the Costa and Jeepers?

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    I need a better copy of the lettering on the logo and I think I could do it. Without that I'm kidda stuck. Or we hire a professional to do it and professional prices.....

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    I don't understand how the process works to get the lettering from a sticker to the page so I ask stupid questions like what do you need? I can make a copy of what is in my mind on paper for you but I still don't know how it would get onto my TV thingy on my desk that plays the interweb channels

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