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Thread: RUBICON TRIP June 20-22 2014

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    RUBICON TRIP June 20-22 2014

    We are just a little over a month away so I want to get people talking about the best trip of the year. This was always a big turnout and a fun run but we have been doing the Father Day Poker run the past 6-7 years. But it is back!

    Here are the details:

    WHERE: Airport Flat Campground off Wentworth Springs Rd.

    A few of us might head up late Thursday/early Friday to save a spot so it would be good to know how many are going.

    WHAT TO BRING: "Working" CB on Channel 4, food and drink, tent and bags.

    FRIDAY: Get to camp and enjoy the forest!

    SATURDAY: Have your Jeep loaded and lined up at the campground exit to Wentworth Springs Rd. at 9am, we will head out at 9:15 sharp, laggers will be left behind! All guests line up in the middle of the pack somewhere. Working CB at the front and back of the line. We will go in to the Rubicon trail through the Wentworth Springs side and go as far as we can before a lunch break around 1 or 2, it would be nice to get to Little Sluice. After lunch depending on time and how far in we are we will most likely start heading back.

    SUNDAY: Pack up and leave your campsite cleaner than when you arrived and head home at your leisure unless a few want to go back out for a few hours.

    Please reply here to let me know if you are going or not, this will be a great trip!



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    Glad this trip is back. I will not make it this year but everyone take lots of pictures and have fun!

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    We will be sure to take plenty of pics!

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    38 views and one reply? Come on people!

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    Bob and TJ will be going. (2 jeeps)

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    Mello's yes. Don't know how many, in what Jeep, or what we are camping in but we'll be there. I think we an come up Fri mid day.

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    Doug & TL are in (1 jeep) Can go early Friday

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    I have confirmation from John and Jennifer McGuire that they will be going. He couldn't post himself, says he can read everything and he's logged in but can't reply to threads even in the public area. My mom was having a similar problem so maybe Bob Sande can work with them.

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    Sounds good Jeff. I had the same problem when I created my account and Bob fixed it. My Neighbor Jonny said he is in as well. It is looking like a good turnout!

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    Bob & TJ are adding one more Jeep and 3 or 4 people.

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