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Thread: Fordyce 9/5 thru 9/7

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    Fordyce 9/5 thru 9/7

    ​Who is ready for an awesome weekend​ in the Sierras . Fun and merriment will abound! There will be the most awesome food you have ever had. (Bring your own.) All the alcohol you can drink! (BYOB) Dancing girls on Saturday night? And competitions galore! Last years river crossing competition was a big splash. And of coarse the ever popular Cordless Bungee Jumping Contest. (Highest jump wins) Prizes will be the same as last year.

    I will be heading up to Cisco Grove Friday morning. Who is in and who is out? Let me know.


    ​PS: I'm looking for volunteers that can dance.​

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    Wow, something new on the website!

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    Fordyce has been cancelled do to lack of "Dancing Girl" volunteers, and conflicting schedules of other members.

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