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Thread: Gold Point Ultimate Adventure 5/7 thru 5/10

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    Gold Point Ultimate Adventure 5/7 thru 5/10

    Fire up your 4WD Deloreans ("Where we're going, you don't need roads").
    We will arrive at Gold Point on May 7, 1891.
    The events for Friday and Saturday will include but not limited to:

    -Tour the Hard Luck Mine Castle. Then drive through the desert to Death Valley (or get lost trying) (bring 2 weeks of food and water)
    -Tour some Hysterical Sites related to mining. (if your Delorean is working properly you will see active working mines)
    -History lessons from Sheriff Stone and maybe a tour of the old Post Office (it is really cool)
    -Some meals for the whole group will be cooked by Sheriff Stone (info will follow)
    -Pot luck for Saturday night (volunteer needed to organize that)

    Depart Sunday

    This trip is mandatory for membership!!!!

    Bob is the Jeep Master for this trip (if you have a good time)
    Jeff is Jeep Master if you don't.
    Most everywhere we will be traveling, 2wd high clearance vehicle should be sufficient (maybe) (bring a tow strap and 50 bucks)
    Bring your metal detectors (Jeep Master gets 25%)

    Take a look at these websites and let me know who is interested. We will need to make reservations and deposit. There are 10 RV sites and, Cabins are a limited #. Herb said he has a cabin that is unadvertized and will accommodate 4 couples. Tent space is limited to 500 square miles.

    So far I'm winning the fairlead.

    I reserved this honeymoon cabin for Lars & Donna
    One of the nicer cabins for rent.jpg

    Research you family history

    Party like it's 1899

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    Great sounding trip Bob, this looks like a lot of fun! May 7th is a maybe for me.

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    Thanks Bob. The cabin is perfect. Dates might not work for me. I'll see what I can do

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    I think I can make this one, put me down on the better half of "maybe". Really just depends on work. I'll let you know when I know for sure. Looks like a ton of fun!

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    We're in. Do we need linens for the cabin? Gimme the prize. First one to commit

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    linens are supplied

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    I think Bobs thread is setting a record for posts and views!

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    This looks really cool, I need to see if I can swing it.

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    TL & Doug are in!

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    I'm going to try to make this one as well! I have some good GPS files that I'll try to upload that leave gold point and can help you get to death valley. The back of the property that the guy that owns gold point (who bought it after winning a jackpot at a slot machine) has been the Vegas 2 Reno course the last few years. The bar is pretty cool, the owner even let us shoot his shot gun from the porch for photo ops.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.15.17 AM.jpg
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