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Thread: Who wants to go short course racing?

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    Who wants to go short course racing?

    Well we already did but there is more to come.
    Some of you remember the new race Jeep that we "finished" just in time for Pismo last Oct. For most of you it would be remembered as yard art in the middle of camp unless you were there early enough to see me drive for its debut 4 jumps in five minutes before the rear end seized up do to not being filled with oil.

    Good news we replaced a couple bearings and added some oil and went to the Nor Cal Rock races at Prairie City April 5th to try our luck at the short course "prerunner" class. This class races around the rocks on about a 3/4 mile dirt track and it a hoot for the investment.
    Well I can't tell you we didn't touch the Jeep all day, we fixed a bunch of stuff between practice and heats but come time for the main event she was running like a Swiss... well maybe a Timex. Casey Scherer drove it to a fist place finish with ease. So who else wants to build a cheap Jeep and come play?

    Upcoming events:
    Vorra- Prairie City Sept 27-28 and Oct 25-26
    Nor Cal Rock Race- Prairie City May 17th, Sept 6th
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    We are racing again this Sat May 17th 2014. A few bugs worked out and side bets made with the other teams at WFO Motorsports we could use the support so come on out Carne Asada tacos in the pits.

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