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Thread: Nor Cal Rock racing 2017 thread- dates, plans, stories pictures

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    Nor Cal Rock racing 2017 thread- dates, plans, stories pictures

    The race dates for NCRR/ Vorra are
    Round #1- March 25th Prairie City
    Round #2- May 6th Wild West Sparks NV
    Round #3- July 22nd Prairie City
    VORRA Halloween race Oct 29th Prairie City no rock races just short course

    It should be fun we have we'll have 6 members and club friends in the Prerunner class including defending champion Matt Kinney and The Kinney boys and Justin Mello debuting in the new 170cc kids class.
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    Did Justin get another car?

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    We have 4 mini buggies now. Two keepers and two for sale soon. The blue on above is a Joyner sand Viper 150 soon to get a fresh 170cc motor and some hot rod parts. I think it'll take on the RZR170s just fine it's 100 lbs heavier but it also has IRS and a lower COG and more travel 9" front and 6.5 rear. It will be ready for the first race.

    Then we'll start mocking up a legal motor for the single seat SAE Baja buggy below.
    This one is COOL. It was designed by SJSU engineering students for the SAE Mini Baja in 2003. all mini baja teams get a stock 10 HP briggs motor and a rule book that apparently says they must have a stupid tall rollcage. They all look goofy like this.
    It has a custom gear reduction (blue box) with reverse which allows for plenty of motor options. The IFS and IRS have 18" of travel and the car weighs only 410 lbs compared to 600 for the Joyner.
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    I saw the SAE buggy, did not see the other one. I am sure he is pumped!

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    New crate motor came today so we have more money in this thing then the blue Jeep.
    Old motor and extra garbage is cut out and the driver seat is mocked up to the middle.
    By lowering the carrier bearings when we remount them we can get more droop travel out of it and longer shocks lower on the arms will get more up travel too.
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    Two good days of progress over the weekend and Monday was a half school day so we got a lot done and this morning it looks like I'm taking Justin to get his first piece of metal out of his eye from grinding. He was good about wearing his mask and ear muffs too unlike dad. I swear every time I've had metal in my eye it came around a mask.
    We got all the extra tabs and junk removed and sanded smooth, and the cage part welded were they were bolted.
    Most of the sheet metal has a coat of paint on it.
    We got the new motor in about 3" lower than the old one and motor mounts tacked in.
    The carrier bearing are now hard mounted to the frame and 1/2" lower for more droop travel.
    Steering centered, new gas pedal moved to the right side but the seat isn't installed yet until we decide for sure we are using this one.

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